JWST Optical qualification bench

Project background

In 2021, the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) will be launched and replace Hubble. This next generation telescope is an international collaboration led by the American NASA, the European Space Agency ESA and the Canadian Space Agency CSA.

Many innovating techniques will be integrated to provide great pictures with sensitivity 100 times better than the former space telescopes.


The NASA and the astronomical branch of CEA (the French Atomic Energy Commission) want to test CCD sensors of the optical instrument MIRIM (Mid Infra Red IMager) to guarantee high resolution of the images taken by the telescope.

They requested Symétrie’s expertise for the optical qualification bench, that will simultaneously adjust CCD sensor position and light source.

Project specifications

Two positioning systems: a manual one for the cryostat containing the CCD sensor, a BREVA for the optical sourceBreva pour la source optique
High accuracy positioning: 1 µm


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