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NAOS: new compact controller

Symetrie introduces a new compact controller for its small precision positioning hexapods called NAOS, allowing to control the hexapods BORA and PUNA.NAOS controller contains the latest generation electronic components that control BORA and PUNA hexapods, which are respectively 14.5 cm and 20 cm tall in mid position.


NAOS controller has a small footprint: 38 cm length, 24 cm width and 9 cm height. NAOS is three times smaller than the pre-existing ALPHA controller, a 19’’ 3U rack. Energy consumption is also reduced with NAOS controller.

Easier to integrate and manipulate, NAOS also offers all the advanced features present on the other controllers of the range.


NAOS works with a state-of-the-art multi axis control card, which is the “brain” of the hexapod. The control card performs the following tasks in particular:

  • Kinematic transformation: conversion between the position expressed in degrees of freedom in the user reference system and the lengths of the actuators.
  • Path generation: use of a sophisticated interpolation algorithm to generate precise and smooth motion.


The control of the hexapod can be done by SYM_Positioning software or by the API (Application Programming Interface). The API is useful for users who want to integrate the hexapod control into their software environment.

NAOS controller is compatible with the handwheel control option, which is very ergonomic for operator-controlled adjustment operations.

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