Gimbal mount


Safran Reosc is the world leader in high-performance optical equipment for astronomy, space, and laser systems.
As part of its polishing activities, Safran Reosc needs an optical test bench (or OGSE, Optical Ground Support Equipment) to increase its calibration capabilities for large optics.


In order to carry out advanced tests to control optical payload performance, Safran Reosc needs a motorized 2-axis mount to position a large flat mirror (diameter 1500 mm) in azimuth and elevation with high precision.
The mirror mount must be compatible with a vacuum environment.


SYMETRIE realized a 2-axis gimbal, enabling rotations in azimuth and elevation:
The elevation axis is located on the mirror surface, wherever the azimuth/elevation position is.
The axes intersect at the center of the optical surface.

The system comes with control software and an ergonomic graphical user interface.


 High vacuum 10-6 mbar
 Clean room compatibility
 2 axes
 Angular stability and precision
 Resolution 1 arcsec
 Payload 650 kg

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