SIROCCO - Motion hexapods by Symétrie

Sirocco hexapod


SIROCCO hexapod makes it possible to reproduce movements with a load of up to 2 tonnes.

As a reminder, a hexapod is a platform with a parallel structure that can reproduce movements in 6 degrees of freedom to test and calibrate systems, or to simulate dynamic situations.

This hexapod can be used to study the movements of liquids, set in motion models or simulate a vehicle.

This solution can integrate a measurement system with 6 degrees of freedom dissociated from the movement generator making it possible to control the position of the movable table in real time.

Max payload

2 tons


6000 mm/s²

Max speed

2500 mm/s

Size in mid position

2.8 m

Motion and positioning

Travel range Tx, Ty (mm)± 600
Travel range Tz (mm)± 500
Travel range Rx, Ry, Rz (deg)± 40
Speed Tx, Ty (mm/s)2000
Speed Tz (mm/s)1600
Speed Rx, Ry (°/s)200
Speed Rz (°/s)100
Acceleration Tx, Ty, Tz (mm/s²)6 000
Acceleration Rx, Ry (°/s²)1 200
Acceleration Rz (°/s²)600

Mechanical properties

Payload capacity (kg)
(vertical orientation only)
Motor typeBrushless


Operating temperature range (°C)0 to + 50
Size mobile platform (mm)Ø 3 350
Height in middle position (mm)~ 2 850
Mass (kg)~ 850
Cable length (m)15


Power supply400 VAC (three-phase) / 250 A
Wave basin
Extra Rz rotation in the mobile platform (C axis)
Acquisition (storage of motions)
External real-time trajectory control (ERTT)

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Datasheet (PDF)