SURES - Precision positioning hexapods by Symétrie



SURES hexapod is a very high accurate and stiff positioning system. It allows the adjustment and the set up of objects of up to 500 kg with high resolution and low cross-coupling (parasitic motions).

SURES hexapod is particularly adapted to the fields of space observation, astronomy and telescopes. For example it can align M2 and M3 mirrors on ground-based telescopes to realign them correctly to compensate the deformation of the structure due to gravity changes and temperature variations during the night.

The mechanics and electronic components of SURES hexapod are designed to work in cold environment as most of ground-based telescopes are installed on top of mountains in high altitude.

M2 or M3 optical telescope mirror positioning
Positioning of radio telescope sub-reflector
Optical adjustment

Linear travel range

± 12 mm



0.1 µm


± 0.25 µm


500 kg

Motion and positioning

Travel range Tx, Ty (mm)± 8
Travel range Tz (mm)± 6
Travel range Rx, Ry, Rz (deg)± 1
Resolution Tx, Ty, Tz (µm)0.1
Resolution Rx, Ry, Rz (µrad)1
Repeatability Tx, Ty (µm)± 0.25
Repeatability Tz (µm)± 0.13
Repeatability Rx, Ry, Rz (µrad)± 0.5

Mechanical properties

Payload capacity (kg) (with orientation from 0° to 90°)up to 500
Motor typeBrushless motor with absolute encoder


Operating temperature range (°C)-20 to + 40
Humidity level (%)up to 100
MaterialsAluminum, steel, stainless steel
Size mobile platform (mm)Ø 690
Height in middle position (mm)360
Mass (kg)117
Cable length (m)10 (longer on request)


Controller typeALPHA+ custom
Power supply120-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz
Customized platform design
Modular external diameter
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Datasheet (PDF)


3D view