Mauka hexapod


Precision in a small diameter

MAUKA is a compact hexapod designed to position up to 5 kg payloads with a submicrometer resolution.

MAUKA hexapod offers travel ranges of 10 mm in X and Y, 20 mm in Z, and 16° in the three rotations. Its diameter is 107 mm and it is 198 mm height in mid position.

To minimize the diameter, we used a hexaglide geometry, where motors are mounted in line.

MAUKA hexapod operates in any direction: vertically, horizontally, or in any other angle. It is irreversible, even after a power failure.

Thanks to its absolute linear encoders, it is not necessary to carry out a homing command each time the controller is turned back on, the hexapod position is immediately known, without having to make any hexapod movement.

Travel range

± 10 mm / ± 8°


1 µm


± 0.5 µm


5 kg

Motion and positioning

Travel range Tx, Ty (mm)± 5
Travel range Tz (mm)± 10
Travel range Rx, Ry (deg)± 8
Travel range Rz (deg)± 8
Resolution Tx, Ty, Tz (µm)1
Resolution Rx, Ry, Rz (µrad)10
Repeatability Tx, Ty, Tz (µm)± 0.5
Repeatability Rx, Ry, Rz (µrad)± 5
Speed Tx, Ty (mm/s)1.6
Speed Tz (mm/s)1
Speed (deg/s)2

Mechanical properties

Stiffness X, Y (N/µm)0.7
Stiffness Z (N/µm)4
Payload capacity (kg) (vertical orientation / horizontal orientation)5 / 2.5
Motor typeDC motor, gearhead
Encoder typeAbsolute linear encoder


Operating temperature range (°C)0 to + 50
MaterialsAluminum, steel, stainless steel
Mobile platform size (mm)Ø 90
Mobile platform central aperture (mm)Ø 38
Fixed platform size (mm)Ø 100
Fixed platform central aperture (mm)Ø 30
Height in middle position (mm)198
Footprint (mm)Ø 107
Mass (kg)3
Cable length (m)3


Controller typeALPHA+
Power supply110-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz
Clean room compatibility
Vacuum compatibility
Hand-held control unit
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Datasheet (PDF)


3D view