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We offer you our new hexapod called MAUKA for precision positioning applications in research or industry requiring a small diameter of 107 mm.

Designed to position up to 5 kg payloads with a submicronic resolution, MAUKA hexapod offers travel ranges of 10 mm in X and Y, 20 mm in Z and 16° in the three rotations. Its diameter is 107 mm and it is 200 mm tall in mid position.
Its small footprint makes it ideal for applications such as telescopes or optical instrumentation needing a small occultation.

Benefiting from SYMETRIE’s twenty years of experience in the development of high precision hexapods, MAUKA hexapod guarantees a resolution of 0.5 µm in translation and 5 µrad (0.0003 °) in rotation.
To minimize the diameter, we used a hexaglide where motors are mounted in line. Unlike a classic Stewart platform hexapod, MAUKA is not made up of variable length actuators but of six fixed length rods pushed by motorized slides.
MAUKA hexapod operates in any direction: vertically, horizontally or in any other angle.
Thanks to its absolute linear encoders, it is not necessary to carry out a homing command each time the controller is turned back on, the hexapod position is immediately known, without having to make any hexapod movement.

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