PUNA is a simple hexapod meeting precision positioning applications in research or industry with an optimized budget.

Indeed PUNA hexapod can meet limited budgets while offering a resolution of 0.5 µm in translation and 5 µrad (0.0003 °) in rotation for a payload capacity of 25 kg.

To simplify the design, the motor is mounted in line and incorporates an incremental rotary encoder.

Travel range

± 30 mm / ± 20 °


0.5 µm / 5 µrad


± 0.75 µm / ± 3.2 µrad


25 kg

Motion and positioning

Travel range Tx, Ty (mm)± 30
Travel range Tz (mm)± 20
Travel range Rx, Ry (deg)± 11
Travel range Rz (deg)± 20
Resolution Tx, Ty, Tz (µm)0.5
Resolution Rx, Ry, Rz (µrad)5
Repeatability Tx, Ty, Tz (µm)± 0.75
Repeatability Rx, Ry, Rz (µrad)± 3.2
Speed Tx, Ty (mm/s)3
Speed Tz (mm/s)1.25
Speed Rx, Ry (deg/s)1.25
Speed Rz (deg/s)0.75

Mechanical properties

Stiffness X, Y (N/µm)1.75
Stiffness Z (N/µm)30
Payload capacity (kg) (vertical orientation / horizontal orientation)25 / 10
Motor typeDC motor, gearhead


Operating temperature range (°C)0 to + 50
MaterialsAluminum, steel, stainless steel
Mobile platform size (mm)Ø 250
Mobile platform central aperture (mm)Ø 100
Fixed platform size (mm)Ø 320
Fixed platform central aperture (mm)Ø 144
Height in middle position (mm)200
Footprint (mm)Ø 320
Mass (kg)5.6
Cable length (m)3


Controller typeNAOS or ALPHA+ if cable length > 20 m or temperature < 0°C
Power supply110-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz
Clean room
Heavier payload
Virtual Homing
Hand-held control unit
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Datasheet (PDF)


3D view