Synchrotron HV diffractometer

Project background

SIRIUS beamline at Synchrotron SOLEIL is specialized in studying semiconductor nanostructures and functional oxides by means of tender x-ray diffraction and spectroscopy in conventional and grazing incidence conditions (GIXRD, GI-XAFS, ReflEXAFS, DAFS, etc.).

To improve their equipment and offer new experimental capabilities, SIRIUS beamline decided to acquire a high vacuum diffractometer with the help of the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet MAX IV – SOLEIL collaboration) and the Ile de France region (project “FORTE”, DIM-Oxymore).


Symetrie is supplying SIRIUS beamline with a high vacuum diffractometer integrating a high precision high vacuum BORA sample positioning hexapod and four Huber high vacuum circles, on top of a bigger customized JORAN alignment hexapod.

Project specifications

10-6 mbar high vacuum for BORA sample positioning hexapod and the four circles
Sample accessibility whereas the 4 circles can rotate on large travel ranges
HV slip ring for BORA hexapod to facilitate cable management
BORA hexapod resolution: 0.1 µm, 2 µrad
Control with TANGO developed in collaboration with SOLEIL synchrotron


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