X-ray positioning


ThomX is a compact X-ray source, which uses the Compton effect to amplify energy and generate “hard” X-rays of several tens of keV.

This 70 sq.m. installation is located at IJCLab (formerly LAL, the Laboratory of the Linear Accelerator), in Orsay, France.
IJCLab is under the joint supervision of CNRS and Paris-Sud University.


In the experimental hutch of the ThomX X-ray source, the monochromator, the sample, and the detector should be positioned relatively to each other with very high precision and versatility.


Symetrie offered a comprehensive turnkey solution based on two customized ZONDA hexapods to fit into the available space while optimizing the workspace. One hexapod positions the sample, the other the monochromator. A 360° air-bearing rotation from LAB Motion Systems is integrated into the mobile platform of the sample positioning hexapod.
Two other air-bearing rotations are installed under the hexapods to enable relative motions of the detector and the sample with respect to the monochromator and the beam.
Symetrie also supplied a natural granite base with excellent flatness in order to install the equipment, allowing high precision motions with outstanding stability.


2 customized ZONDA hexapods, one including a 360° air-bearing rotation
Absolute encoders in order to avoid any unwanted motion due to homing procedure
3 air-bearing rotations
15 axes control (brushless motors, some of them direct drive) with TANGO
Sphere of confusion: 10 µm
Hexapod resolution: 0.1 µm, 1 µrad


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