Large mirror testing


Our customer SAFRAN REOSC specializes in the production and qualification of large mirrors for major players in the space industry.


SAFRAN REOSC contacted us to develop a 6-degree-of-freedom solution for positioning loads of up to 1200 kg, including a 360° axis of rotation.


Symetrie provided a complete solution integrating JORAN-type actuators. These high-resolution actuators incorporate absolute encoders, enabling them to know their exact position, even in the event of a power failure.
This hexapod is associated with an additional 360° rotary axis on the mobile platform, and incorporates a large mirror attachment interface measuring 2.5 m in diameter.
To meet the system’s space constraints, the fixed platform was optimized down to 4 floor-mounted plates.


JORAN hexapod actuators
High-precision absolute linear encoders to avoid undesired homing movements
360° rotary axis with a load capacity of 1200 kg
Compact dimensions
Travel range: ±25 mm and ±2.5°
Hexapod resolution: 1 µm in translation / 0.1 µrad in rotation
■ Rotary axis resolution: 10 µrad


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