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New ultra compact dynamic hexapod

SYMETRIE presents its new ultra-compact hexapod with a height of only 42 cm: the HEGOA hexapod.

Designed to position payloads up to 50 kg with speeds of 200 mm/s and 50°/s, the HEGOA hexapod offers travel ranges of ±100 mm in X, Y, ±50 mm in Z, ±23° in Rx, Ry, and ±30° in Rz.
HEGOA guarantees an acceleration of 800 mm/s² in translation and 200°/s² in rotation.
Its small diameter of 500 mm makes it ideal for use in laboratories or narrow environments. Thanks to its six degrees of freedom, HEGOA can be used to test gyrostabilized optronic systems or sensors that will be embarked on a vehicle (a tank, a ship, a drone…).

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