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New ultra compact hexapod

Discover our new hexapod SOLANO which allows precision positioning applications for research or industry requiring a compact height of 104 mm.

Designed to position payload up to 5 kg with a resolution down to 0.08 µm, SOLANO hexapod allows travel range of ±18 mm in X and Y, ±6.5 mm in Z et up to ±21° in RZ. It fits in a 120 mm diameter and heights 104 mm at mid position, and less than 98 mm in retracted position.
Its compact heigh makes it the ideal solution for instrumentation or semiconductor applications requiring a small dimension.

SOLANO hexapod has a resolution of 0,08 µm in translation and 2.5 µrad (0,0001°) in rotation.

SOLANO hexapod works in the two orientation: vertical or horizontal.
Thanks to its absolute linear encoders, a homing motion is not necessary each time to controler is switched on, as the hexapod position is already known.

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