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NOTUS hexapod on French TV news

On 23 July 2020, the French TV channel France 2 showed a report presenting the impact of robotics on defense equipment around the world.

That is how you could discover our NOTUS simulation hexapod in action!

This hexapod is used by General Robotics near Tel Aviv to reproduce vehicle movements in order to test the stabilization of their defense equipment. This equipment is bolted on the dynamic hexapod mobile platform, allowing R&D teams to qualify their equipment at their own facilities before going outdoor for “real conditions”. Hence their tests are more reproducible, it is more comfortable and practical to be at their facilities and less expensive in the end than conducting tests always in real conditions.

Extract from the 8 pm TV news of 23/07/2020 from France 2. You will be able to access the whole TV news via the following link (limited time):

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