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New video non-magnetic hexapod

Discover the new video presenting our non-magnetic hexapod, allowing to perform experiments on ions trapped with a 2 tesla magnet.

Designed to position an 80 kg payload, this customized non-magnetic hexapod is aligning a UHV chamber in the 6 degrees of freedom in order to be collinear with the symmetry axis of the 2 teslas magnet and trap atomic ions.
It offers travel ranges of 10 mm in translation and 4° in rotation while having a very low profile: its height is only 155 mm in mid position. Its repeatability is ± 0.6 μm at the pivot point, which is 600 mm away from the hexapod.

Actually, it is a hexaglide. It is very similar to a hexapod, also known as a Stewart platform. But instead of variable length actuators, it has constant length bars linking the mobile platform to six linear motors distributed on a fixed platform.

Feel free to contact us for more information!

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